Retire Worry-Free as a Private Lender

Learn how passive savers and investors are increasing their net worth and retiring comfortably as private lenders 

and learn how you can double your retirement as a private lender

What's In This Free Private Lending Report?

Intro to Private Lending by Toyin Dawodu

In this short, 10-page report, learn how even passive savers and investors are doubling their money by allocating just a portion their savings to private lending. 

The 5 Burning Questions About Private Lending That Get Answered in This Report:

--> How does the private lending process work?

--> Why does private lending outperform other investment vehicles?

--> How can I realistically go from generating returns of 1% and 3% to getting average returns of 8% to 20%?

--> How do I find and structure deals to make money WITHOUT having to buy, rehab, or sell properties?

--> How can I protect my prinicipal and secure my returns?

About the Author

Toyin Dawodu

Toyin Dawodu is a Riverside, California-based real estate entrepreneur. Over the course of nearly two decades in real estate, Toyin has bought and sold more than 450 homes, all using money from private lenders. 

Toyin is the author of The Magic of Real Estate, creator of the online real estate training community Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program, and founder of GIC Deal Finders, a community of 7,000+ members that teaches people real estate basics and trains them to earn extra money as Property Locators.

 Why Private Lending?

The Great Recession triggered a massive credit crunch that left millions of consumers without the option to pursue traditional loans for things like mortgages, small business funding, and working capital for other money-making endeavors. 

This “credit void” created an opportunity for regular investors to step in and pick up where the big banks left off. 

This is good news for you! 

Private lending is a $65 billion business, and a growing number of homebuyers and real estate entrepreneurs are getting the money they need, not from banks and credit unions, but from individual investors and groups of investors. 

An Introduction to Private Lending will show you how and why private lending works, how the banks have used this same model to build a multi-trillion dollar mortgage industry, and how you can use private lending to accumulate more retirement dollars in less time.

An Introduction to Private Lending - Toyin Dawodu
Real Estate Private Lenders

"After working almost 30 years with Verizon, I knew it was time to retire. I had accumulated almost $500,000 in my retirement fund. Over the years, the returns have not been great. When Toyin opened my eyes to the world of Real Estate Trust Deed Investments, I knew I could retire comfortably, take my money, and control my destiny without even buying a single property. So far, I am averaging 12% return on my money and I sleep like a baby at night knowing my investment is safe; I couldn't care less what the stock market is doing." - Bill, Private Lending Student and Real Estate Apprentice

"Hi Mr. T, - Before I met you, all I got from my $25,000 investment was $87 per quarter - or $348 a year - from my insurance company, MetLife. Afer you helped me set up a system for maximizing my savings, I now get $312 per month - $3,750 per year. This is almost 11 times more than I have been getting since I retired. Thank you so much, and God bless you." -Felicia, Private Lender 

Double Your Money Trainee and Private Lender