YOUR NEXT 52 VIDEO TRAINING LESSONS as a real estate entrepreneur

The Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program is a structured, web-based training environment designed to help you go from being a real estate novice to being an active participant in the $1.4 trillion real estate business.

Looking to become a real estate entrepreneur?
REEP training will teach you real-world strategies to help you buy and flip your first property this year.

Shopping for a home?
Learn how to use non-MLS resources to find a home, how to negotiate 20% - 40% off the seller's asking price, and how to minimize your overall cost of buying.

Working as a property locator?
If you are thinking it may be time to start acquiring properties for yourself, REEP builds on your current knowledge to help you quickly and profitably make the transition from property locator to real estate entrepreneur.

Included in your training:
* 52 training modules
* Nearly 100 training videos
* The Magic of Real Estate text book
* The Magic of Real Estate workbook
* The F Word workbook
* Sample contracts
* Fillable contracts
* Sales, marketing and negotiation scripts
* Feedback on your potential real estate deals

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Why Join REEP

  • You're always just a person or two away from the program creator. We're a lean company that means spot-on support.
  • You will be well-prepared to work in this buisness after nearly 100 self-paced training sessions that you can complete at your convenience. 
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  • Obtain a valuable skill that will last a lifetime for WAY less than a college degree, trade school or certification program.  Once you join the REEP program will have unlimited access to the program and materials.
  • Get access to more than 100 pages of training material, including scripts, workbooks, contracts, and checklists.


Toyin Dawodu is a seasoned real estate entrepreneur who has bought and sold more than 450 houses. What started as a $295 ad credit with the local newspaper Toyin has grown into a real estate empire with deals totalling more than $50M. 

Toyin is the founder of GIC Deal Finders, an online community that teaches novices basic real estate principals and provides opportunities for anyone anywhere to make up to $5,000 locating properties. He is the author of The Magic of Real Estate and The F Word, and star of the new web-based reality show Adventures of a Street Millionaire.   You can find him on Twitter @1AmazingToyin and on Instagram @AmazingToyin.

  1. Learn how to find and structure real estate deals with no money down
  2. Get the money you need to buy and rehab properties without going to a bank
  3. Find out the profit formula real estate millionaires use to make a guaranteed $40K to $50K on every deal, without fail
  4. Learn how to recruit buyers and woo sellers so you always have a deal in the pipeline and can consistently generate six figures every single year


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Get full access to over 150 pages of downloads, Toyin's groundbreaking book on overcoming fear The F Word, nearly 100 training modules, scrips and checklists.

  • Get instant access to the training modules
  • Instantly access downloadable materials, including The Magic of Real Estate and The F Word  
  • Get feedback on prospective deals (PRICELESS!)
  • Get access to our private Facebook group
  • Set yourself up to make money and build wealth in real estate