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Introducing the Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship program. Get the training AND one-on-one guidance you need to buy and flip your first property in 90 days  

  • Eight weeks of structured, self-paced training created specifically for real estate entrepreneurs (this isn't the stuff they teach you in real estate school)
  • Five weeks of hands-on "field training" under the direct guidance of program creator, millionaire real estate entrepreneur, author, and trainer, Toyin Dawodu  
  • 90-day apprenticeship progam, fully extendable, with intensive online training followed by supervised "boots-on-the-ground" real-world application
Amazing Toyin Dawodu's Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship

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This is the ONLY real estate training program on the market that gives you DIRECT and ONGOING ACCESS to the actual “guru” behind the training when and where you need him most - out in the field.


Go along for Bill's guided tour of an abandoned property. Listen in as Toyin teaches real estate apprentice Bill - via video call - what to look for, what information to collect, what to photograph, and what the next step is going to be in the process of Bill possibly acquiring this property.

Real Estate School OR Real Estate Apprenticeship?

If you’re on the fence about whether to attend a traditional licensing program at a real estate school, or whether you should consider this apprenticeship program, get off the fence. We always encourage Pick My Brain apprentices to do both, simply because becoming a licensed real estate agent provides you with greater access to potential deals.  


If your goal is to do anything other than find a job as a real estate agent working for a real estate broker, you are going to need more training than the typical 40-hour agent licensing program delivers. 

Real estate schools teach you the state laws and best practices for buying and selling properties. After all, that’s what real estate agents do. 

The Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship Program wil prepare you for the myriad things you will face as a real estate entrepreneur. 

Yes, you will learn the foundational principles of real estate (like the laws and best practices for buying and selling properties). You will also learn how to:

  • Identify the most profitable real estate deals...even when others can't see them 
  • Structure deals for max profit 
  • Negotiate with sellers to get 20% to 30% off the asking price
  • Market your services to make sure you keep several deals in your pipeline 
  • Have lenders begging to back your deals, instead of the other way around
  • Assemble a team to help you automate the work 
  • Research properties and transfer ownership 
  • Work with contractors to rehab your properties 
  • Navigate your deal when the unforeseen happens… and the unforeseen will happen 

Toyin designed the Pick My Brain Apprenticeship Program to teach you what he's learned, and prepare you for what he's seen over nearly two decades of working in the real estate business.  

Apprenticeship works collage


Hear about some of the challenges David faced on his mission to buy and flip a property during his first few months as a real estate apprentice.

Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship was created to give you a well-rounded education, not just in real estate theory but also in real-world application.  

Master These 9 Real Estate Proficiencies

Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship

1 Real Estate Contract Structures 

Learn the 9 different ways to structure a real estate deal and how the offer, acceptance, consideration, and time frame are impacted by each type of real estate deal. 

2 Researching Properties 

Identify the stakeholders on the title of any property. Find liens and other encumbrances. 

3 Locating Owners 

Learn how to locate the owners of abandoned or foreclosed properties using public records and paid tracking services. 

4 Negotiation Techniques 

Learn what questions to ask and what words to say to sellers to get the best deal. You can guarantee yourself steep discounts on the sale price if you know what to say to sellers, and more important, if you understand what they are saying to you. 

5 Funding Deals 

Learn how to find and negotiate with banks, private lenders, and hard money lenders to fund real estate deals so you don't have to pay for properties yourself. 

6 Team Building 

Find out how to find and assemble your go-to team of real estate professionals needed to make your real estate business flow efficiently. 

Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship by Toyin Dawodu

See our apprentices in action. Get more information on the Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship by completing the form below. </span>

7 Finding and Negotiating Short Sales & Foreclosures 

Learn when to contact the bank and when to contact the owner about delinquent properties. Find out what to say in negotiations with banks about properties in foreclosure. 

8 Valuing and Analyzing Properties 

What is the value of the property? Learn to identify the variables that impact property value and how you can leverage such information to get steep discounts on properties. 

9 Protecting Your Investment 

Learn how to protect your family, assets, and investments by structuring your real estate business properly. 


This is one of those teachable moments. Sometimes it's hard to know the characteristics of a motivated seller without having a repertoire of case studies to recall. 

In this video, Toyin's student, Sylvia, has found a potential deal. Or is it? Listen to this short conversation between Toyin and the seller of an Arizona property. Then for fun, go to Zillow yourself and check the current value of the property (and maybe the comps in the area) and compare it with the seller's asking price.

When it Comes Right Down to it, Can You Really Do this in Just 90 Days? The Answer is Yes.

Amazing Toyin Dawodu

A Message from Toyin Dawodu, Creator of the Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship Program 

Dear Fellow Real Estate Entrepreneur, 

In the last 15 years, I have bought and sold more than 450 properties with contract values totaling around $50 million. I think my results qualify as business success to most people, but that wasn't always the case. 

When I started out, I was curious and motivated, but I didn't have the faintest idea where to start. In those early days, I bought thousands of dollars in real estate training, investing in "proven system" after "proven system". I attended my fair share of seminars. 

At the end of it all, I had a lot of head knowledge, but no practical knowledge. No strategy and no one to answer my growing list of questions. I bumbled around in the dark trying to figure out the real estate business for almost 10 years! 

It wasn't until I found someone who could take me by the hand and show me how the business works that I was finally able to succeed in this business. 

Your Next 90 Days in Real Estate 

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been involved in deals. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this business or have a few years under your belt. 

I created the Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship Program to help you mature and get to profit faster in the real estate business. I don't want you to spend two, or five, or ten years trying to figure it out on your own, like I did. So I designed this apprenticeship program to shorten your learning curve. 

The biggest challenge you face as a new real estate entrepreneur is making 100% avoidable rookie mistakes that cost you time, money, and opportunities. 

Not to mention the number these mistakes do on your confidence. 

As one of my students, you will receive 8 weeks of structured training that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a real estate entrepreneur. After that, it’s time for you to go out in the field for another 5 weeks with one-on-one guidance from me. I am going to help you find, structure, and close your first real estate deal. 

What’s the value of having access to my experience, expertise, and input to answer your questions and walk you through the tough spots?  

I’m going to save you time, money and tons of frustration. You don’t have the experience yet to see trouble ahead, or read the warning signs of a potentially costly deal. I do. And I am going to help you “see around the next corner” as they say. That’s the value of having someone like me available to answer your questions. In the real estate business, having access to experiential wisdom is better than just having information. 


This real estate apprenticeship program is intensive, interactive, and hands-on. It's not for everyone, and not everyone who applies will be accepted into the program. 

I'm not selling you a 40-hour lecture based on a text book someone wrote to help you pass an exam. I am presenting you with an opportunity to learn a skill that will make you, your children and your children’s children almost impervious to market troubles. 

Click the button below to download the program brochure. I hope you are one of the few people chosen to participate in the upcoming Winter 2017 training session. 

I wish you the best in all your endeavors. - Amazing Toyin 


What is the value of our apprenticeship program? The liberty to learn the business, make decisions, orchestrate investment opportunities, and even make mistakes knowing you have the expertise of Toyin Dawodu to back you up if you get stuck.