Earnings Disclaimer


My team and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that we communicate to you as accurately as possible how my products, systems, and strategies work. To that end, we cannot account for precisely how these offerings will work for you. The principles are sound. The variables (such as your skillset, commitment, implementation, follow up, marketing efforts, your actual market, your intended target audience, etc.) are beyond our control.

As such, please realize that the products and services I provide to you, in whatever medium we deliver them, are for educational purposes. My intention is to increase your value to the market. A byproduct of your training will be the opportunity to increase your earnings as well. Training implies no guarantee of how much money you will earn or how quickly you will earn. Earning potential is just that – potential. It comes with an innumerable number of scenarios and variables.

Let me also say that none of what I teach or share on this website or any of my other websites should be construed as legal, financial, tax, or estate management advice. The success stories and case studies included in my products and on this site are to further strengthen your willingness to implement the strategies and principles I teach as you work to deploy your own systems and strategies for becoming more valuable to the market, and as a result, more financially sound.

I strongly recommend you talk to your attorney and financial advisor before implementing any of the advice offered either on my websites or in my products. This is a good practice for any product you buy. None of my products are get rich quick models. On the contrary. I teach people how to invest for long-term growth and success.

By utilizing this website you agree that I, my company, my team, and my brand are not responsible for the success or failure of your business or the profitability of any financial decisions you have made or will make in the implementation of strategies, ideas, principles, concepts, or models I’ve created or taught on this website or any other digital property.

If you have any questions at all about this Earnings Disclaimer, our policies, or our products, please contact us at 323-790-4976

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