Tag: fear

fear of failure | The F Word by Toyin Dawodu

Setbacks vs. Failure: Why the Fear of Failing is Overrated

In my more than two decades of experience launching and running businesses,  I have come to recognize that fear is a HUGE obstacle most people never get around to overcoming.  Recently, I wrote my first book, The F Word, which is a content-packed handbook I wrote to help people recognize […]

alone on the seesaw | Amazing Toyin Dawodu

Why Do Most Would-Be Real Estate Investors FAIL At This?

I was shocked recently, when I heard a statistic from someone I trust:  It seems only 5% of would-be real estate investors actually buy any to put in their investment portfolio. Does that mean, 95% of the people out there are still struggling to buy their first investment property? Are […]

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