What College Won’t Teach You

what college can't teach you

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$20,000 In Tuition Later…Have I Learned Anything?


In 2014, I accrued more than $20,000 in educational expenses. No, not for my son; for myself. I needed to learn more, as we all do, and I had no trouble investing the money into education. But I didn’t go back to roam the halls of a traditional university. I’ve already been there and done that.  Instead, I chose to pursue education in a less formal, but more efficient way. I decided to study success the way the old philosophers did it – at the feet of legends.

Who is Legend?

The title legend is reserved for those who are the best of the best at what they do. They have mastered their crafts and they can deliver a plan for your transformation right to your doorstep. These are people who can get you the results that can change your life.  That was my reason for searching out these legends – learning what they do and how they do it. My area of focus is marketing legends who have profited billions and are making their knowledge and expertise available to us. What’s even better is their techniques and strategies don’t cost nearly  as much as a traditional college education. In most cases, they add more value in less time.


What College Can’t Teach You

The first legend I want to cover is Tony Robbins. Most of us are all familiar with his work. His programs have been embraced by the captains of industry.  His followers include some of the most successful people of our time such as President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Carl Icahn, and Stephen R. Covey.

I also studied marketing experts like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrahams and New Age transformative living guru Eben Pagan who introduced me to the idea of habit gravity and escape velocity. His program is essential if you want to know how to quickly transform an undesirable habit into a productive and profitable habit.

Next on the list is Brendon Burchard.  Brendan taught me how to create a product from what I already know how to do. Jeff Walker, on the other hand, taught me the best way to launch my products. Joe Polish convinced me the masses will thank me and pay me for sharing my knowledge. But as Frank Kern says, the first step is to create massive goodwill and value before you ever ask anyone to buy your product or services.  

This legendary list includes numerous others. Although many of them have no formal college education, they are frequently invited by prominent higher learning institutions to share their genius with students who are studying for their traditional degree.

People With “ADD” Experience More Success

Everything I do is about challenges and adventures!  Besides making money, I want my ventures to be fun! I need to do things I’m passionate about and be driven by a purpose beyond just making money or I lose interest. The ADD sets in – Adventure Deprivation Disorder. After 20 years of conquering the business world by traditional methods and 15 buying and selling properties, I can get bored pretty easily.  When the boredom sets in, I know it’s time to ramp up to start a new adventure in life.

At this time in my life, I am working smarter than I did 20 years ago and it’s high time I start passing my knowledge down to the next generation of investors and business people, beginning with my teenage son. Not only do the skills I’ve honed over the years benefit me, but they should benefit anyone who wants to learn. I have vast knowledge in various subjects, but none of it is of any use if I can’t figure out how to get it to the masses.

Like the experts and thought leaders I mentioned earlier in this post, I am harnessing all my resources so that I can leverage the reach of the World Wide Web to get my message out and raise up a new troupe of investors, entrepreneurs, and wealth-builders on how to reach their greatest potential. In order to do that, I had to update my skills and learn how to market my message in this Digital Age.

I urge you to take the initiative to invest in yourself. Get the coaching and training you need to succeed in the area you were made to conquer. One of my all-time favorite success quotes is from Tony Robbins. Tony says:

“There is only one way to learn how to do something: Find someone who has done it – and succeeded – and ask him to teach you.”  

I live by that quote. What are your favorite success quotes? The ones that really get you pumped up and determined to make an impact? Share them in the comments section below.

I will see you at the top.  





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