The Value of Adding Value

Firefighter - Give more than you take

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What is wealthy living?  Is it money? Fame? Having more than enough? Or is it the intangibles like contentment, appreciation, and adding value to others?

In these first few weeks of the New Year, I am focusing a lot on how we define the core concepts and ideals by which we govern our everyday lives.

I asked you to rethink how you view success. Many of us have the attainment of success perched high in our minds as a goal we must achieve. But we don’t give much thought to what success really is.

And it’s different for every person.

In this video, I call on the wisdom of Tony Robbins to ask you to also rethink your knee-jerk reaction to the concept of wealth. Too often, when we think of wealth, we think superficially, looking at tangibles like money, material possessions, influential friends, and an enviable home life.

But you can have money and be poor inside.

In truth, your inner life – what you think about yourself and what those whom you love and respect think about you – is what determines your level of wealth.

And like success, I believe the fastest way to grow in wealth is to start with an attitude of gratitude, and follow that up with a commitment to constantly adding value – more than anyone else – in everything you aim to do. 





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