Firefighter - Give more than you take

The Value of Adding Value

What is wealthy living?  Is it money? Fame? Having more than enough? Or is it the intangibles like contentment, appreciation, and adding value to others? In these first few weeks of the New Year, I am focusing a lot on how we define the core concepts and ideals by which we govern […]

Martin Luther King Jr Statue

Is It In You to Be a Great Leader?

A Clarion Call to History-Making Leadership In remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest leaders and influencers this world has ever seen, I want to make a sort of come-one-come-all call for leaders. That means you. As we are days away from swearing in a new […]

Bombarded with information
empty auditorium seats

There’s an Ass for Every Seat. Let Your Mission Be Owning One of Those Seats in 2017

Early in my career, I passed on the chance to earn nearly a half million bucks in cash flow and another $500K in equity because I didn’t understand one simple truth about owning real estate: There’s an ass for every chair. One Man’s Junk… It’s been nearly 20 years since […]

What does it take to be a success?

You May Already Be a Success And Not Even Know It

What does it take to be a success? Better question: Are you successful? In this Digital Age where every one is on the record and we are living through a privacy / transparency revolution, I wonder if your self-perception has changed. I wonder if you’re missing out on the fact […]

Andre Williams on Real Estate Apprenticeship
Piggy Bank House

Real Estate vs FDIC Insurance: Which One is Really Safer?

Why the Rich Stash Their Money in Real Estate, Not Big Banks “The bank is the safest place for your money.” Oh really? I have two words for you: real estate. If you have your money stashed in a savings account earning .01% to 1% in interest, you’re going to lose money […]

Property Analysis - 8870 Barton Road

Video: Property Analysis on the Fly

In order to have success as a real estate investor, you have to be able to estimate the value of a property on the spot. Sellers will tell you what they hope the property is worth. Banks will tell you what an appraiser says the property is worth. Appraisers will tell you what […]

Random Pennysaver

VIDEO: Why Not Generating Real Estate Leads is Going to Put You Out of Business

The life of a real estate investor sounds great. You control your own time, your schedule is flexible, you can prioritize and keep first things first, and you exercise complete control over your own earning potential. The sky is the limit… if that’s what you want. One thing many striving real estate investors overlook […]

Jesse and Cynthia Real Estate Success Stories

Success Story: Jesse & Cynthia

Jesse and Cynthia were in a fix: They needed a house but the market was so tight that every bid they placed was outbid by another buyer. Toyin’s recommendation to the couple was to look for an imperfect house, a piece of property that needed a little work would solicit […]

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