VIDEO: Why Not Generating Real Estate Leads is Going to Put You Out of Business

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The life of a real estate investor sounds great. You control your own time, your schedule is flexible, you can prioritize and keep first things first, and you exercise complete control over your own earning potential. The sky is the limit… if that’s what you want.

One thing many striving real estate investors overlook is the importance of generating real estate leads – lots and lots of real estate leads. In fact, I would venture a bet most of you probably underestimate the value of sending out a few thousand post cards, mastering Facebook advertising, or running ads in the local Pennysaver. 

Question: How many real estate leads are you generating a week?

Believe it or not, as a real estate investor, generating real estate leads is perhaps the single most important factor in your overall success. So, how strong is your real estate lead generation game?

In this short video, Toyin talks specifically about generating real estate leads impact your business as a real estate investor. Lack of enough viable leads may be the main reason most would-be investors never even get around to buying a single property.

The problem is most novices will never actually get to the point in this business where they control their own time! And one culprit – not generating enough real estate leads – is at the root of it all.


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